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When defying labels is more important than ever.

I am inspired by previous generations style because the pathway that I have traveled on to reach this height of self-empowerment was passed on from my upbringing, and those who have broken barriers in the creative arts industry so I could share my passion through NELLO today. I hope that the products that NELLO provides to each customer inspire them to also find their unique propose to share with others to promote self-fulfillment. 

I am Chanelle Harris, NELLO was inspired by my own spiritual journey leading to the importance of fully loving myself and wanting others to share my love of expressing creativity and self- reflection to the world through style, art, and clothing. The name NELLO is a combination of my name and the symbolism of the lotus flower. 

Our History


  • Inspire consumers to embrace style (self) over fashion (conformity): with the removal of cost barriers and limitations to keep up with fashion trends that are popularized in mainstream society, NELLO encourages collectors to push the limits of the normal conditioning of their image. Style is emphasized instead of fashion to remove any binary forms to promote positive self-love in whatever piece of clothing gravitates to the collectors. ​

  • Increased self-esteem: Not only does NELLO encourage collectors to feel comfortable in the products that we provide, but we also hope to increase the collector's self-esteem to make every choice in their life with the intention of self-improvement, self- appreciation, and positivity to others

NELLO is a curated thrift brand that is non-binary to any form of fashion and promotes positive self-love with sustainable clothing through artistic expression.


  • Provide sustainable clothing without compromise of creative expression: affordable hand-picked items that are in good quality despite the manufacturing date of the product. Style has no timeframe, constantly evolving into a new identity or self is important for overall wellbeing and the reflection of what you show to the world is a direct reflection of yourself. ​

Our Purpose


Is Now Online:

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